What is the PT MACS?

The Physical Therapist Manual for the Assessment of Clinical Skills (PT MACS), 2nd Edition describes the skills that a newly graduated physical therapist must be able to perform in order to engage in safe and effective practice. The skills in the PT MACS are based on (1) entry-level physical therapist education criteria as defined by A Normative Model for Physical Therapist Education, (2) standards of practice, elements of patient/client management and terminology as defined by The Guide to Physical Therapist Practice 3.0, and (3) standards of professional behavior initially defined as the Generic Abilities.

PT MACS Ordering Instructions

The PT MACS are only in digital format delivered through EXXAT.  Please contact EXXAT for info.  Feel free to email a Consortium member if you want a user's perspective on its use.

PT MACS Instructions and Video Tutorial

For a PDF instructions on the use of the PT MACS click here: PT MACS Instructions

For a 6-minute video tutorial click here: PT MACS Video Instructions


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